About Us

We are Devon and Dawn. We’re a married couple committed to seeking out wisdom through reading various books.  Our choices are shaped by those around us, those we have learned from,  our life experiences, and the ultimate source of wisdom–God.

The goal of this blog is to encourage others to grow through reading books that edify, instruct, and challenge the reader. By actively seeking wisdom, we believe you can become a better person than you ever thought possible.

Random things you should know about us and our choices in reading material:

We are avid Dave Ramsey fans, so many of the books we read are written or recommended by Mr. Ramsey.

We are Bible-believing born again Christians, and this will affect the way we review books.

We are a step-family.

We live on one income.

Devon has a leadership role in his career, so many of his reading choices are shaped by that.

Dawn is a Bible college graduate, as well as a certified teacher. Her classroom experience as a reading teacher will come into play as she reviews books for children and young readers.


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